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From My Heart to Yours

Welcome to Francie Pants Baked Goodies. The name Francie Pants is the result of a friendship with my dear friends Ruth and Cathy. To ensure that we would never lose the love and playfulness (and dance parties), of our friendship, we created nicknames: Rootie Tootie for Ruth, Kit Cat for Cathy and Francie Pants for me. When I decided to launch my baked goods company I wanted a name that would remind me to have fun and capture the joy I feel baking for you.


 When the pandemic hit, my goal was to stay connected with others. I realized the best way to do this was baking my favorite goodies for those I love. I decorated my goodies as gifts, because who doesn't like gifts? The next thing I knew, I wanted to expand this to my community. Food is an emotional nourishment to feed our souls. I hope when you bite into a Francie Pants Baked Goodies, you feel the love because this idea was born out of love for my friends, my family and my community. My goodies come directly from "My Heart to Yours."

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